Food Programlunch 2

Small Faces provides a light breakfast, two snacks and lunch each day.  Our goal is to provide nutritious meals for children, focusing on cooking from scratch and avoiding overly processed foods.

Our on site cook, Galen Mabbott, and his kitchen team plan and prepare all of the center’s snacks and meals.  Galen works closely with classroom teachers to plan meals that children enjoy, but which also challenge them to become adventurous eaters.  Our cook frequently visits classrooms to check in with children and encourage them to develop healthy habits.  Teachers work with Galen to plan cooking projects in the classroom to introduce children to the science of food.

All of our snacks and meals are served family style.  Teachers eat with children and challenge even the youngest to begin serving themselves and gauging portion size.  Children practice social skills necessary to share food while teachers help children to engage in conversation about topics that interest them.

Small Faces is a nut free school (peanut and tree nut allergies can be especially harsh, including reactions that come just from contact with skin).  Galen also works closely with families whose children have other food allergies, intolerances or special food considerations.  Our goal is to offer replacement foods that match what the rest of the class will be eating, to preserve adventurous eating habits for all children.